Wealth out of waste

Swachh Auto Tippers

2000 Swachh Auto Tippers were launched across Hyderabad city for increasing the efficiency of House-to-House Collection of Wet & Dry Garbage. These Swachh Auto Tippers were allotted to the existing Rickshaw Pullers (Waste Collectors). The launch of these autos has seen an increase of 1200MT extra garbage being collected daily. The autos have enabled removal of 1116 open garbage points across the city contributing to a cleaner Hyderabad. We have a requirement for 500 more such autos across the city. The cost of each auto is 4 Lakh
NTPC has partnered with GHMC and contributor to extra swachh autos for sanitation.

Dry resource centers

Dry waste collected by Swachh autos has a huge potential as recyclable waste. They have dual environmental and livelihood benefits. Not only is recycle and reuse a mantra for future, Collecting and segregating this waste can provide additional economic benefit to waste collectors. GHMC has 24 transfer stations wherein segregated waste is brought by Swachh auto tippers, dry resource centres can be facilitated at all these locations.
We are partner with ITC and Godrej who are spending the 24 DRC’s centres and also involved in intensive segregating programme for dry resource and sanitation programme.

List of Dry Resource Centers

Organic composters

Another key sector in waste management is wet waste reusage. Wet waste can converted to organic manure for use in our parks and road side greenery. Two thirds of the waste generated is wet waste. GHMC has installed about 3 small composting units in its parks so far. There are varied shredders and wet waste composters in the market, starting cost is 2.5 lakh depending on the tonnage of the machine.
GHMC introduced 7 organic composter centres in many hotels and companies, have came from to GHMC our companies’ partner and current partners are google and Ramkey.

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