Public Toilets:

Clean toilets are the cornerstone of sanitation efforts worldwide. There is an ever present need for increasing the toilets available for public use and for innovations in community and public toilets. Different models of toilets like BOT toilets, Automated toilets, and Bio toilets are available at varied costs.
CSR partners can come forward to partner with our existing toilet partners or share in immigration and advance month in public sanitation

Smart Toilets:

GHMC is proposing to install smart toilets at important Public Junctions in the City. The toilets will have solar panels, LED powered backlit displays for advertising, with ATM’s and bio digesters. They will also include disabled friendly toilets. Cost is about 5 lakhs per unit.

She Toilets:

‘She toilets’ is a unique effort by GHMC to provide toilets exclusively for women keeping in mind their safety requirements as well as their special hygiene needs. Installed in 20 Locations presently, they come with the advantage of Auto cleaning (pre-flush/platform washing/after use flush) without any manual assistance. These toilets incorporate full cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by Integrating Electrical, Mechanical and web technologies. They offer women friendly accessories like, sanitary napkin vending machines and sanitary napkin incinerator. The installation cost for these toilets is Rs.7,28,920/- per toilet.
Bharat Dynamics Limited has partnered with GHMC under CSR to fond 50 modes She toilets across the city.

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